Career Bio

My Path To Personal Historian

My career aspiration, as stated in my eighth-grade yearbook, was “to be a writer.”

Somehow I got a little sidetracked. The “helping people” part of me took over for a while. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1979 and a Master of Arts in Health Education in 1990 put me on a decades-long journey in healthcare, both in clinical practice and as an administrator. Most recently (the last 10 years) I have served as the Director of Quality for a rural New England Community Health Center.

In 2005, I made my foray into professional writing by freelancing non-fiction articles for regional publications. I dabble in fiction.

In the office I’m known to colleagues as someone they can ask to edit and proof their written work, just because I love doing it. That part of me has never left, and my inner voice that says “help others write” is loud and insistent. Even with some twists and turns along the way, my path is clear.

I’m thrilled to combine my passion for writing and for helping people by providing personal story writing and coaching services.

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