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Connecting people through personal story

Create connections and a lasting legacy for yourself, family and friends, future generations, clients and customers by writing your story. I offer a range of personal story and memoir services designed to help anyone interested in writing personal story, whether it’s a brief legacy letter, a multi-chapter life story, or something in-between. My services include help for turn-key projects and help for do-it-yourself projects,

Meet Peggy

I’m a writer and personal historian, passionate about helping people preserve and share their stories in written forms. I’m people-oriented, an attentive listener, “down to earth”, and a keen observer (also an outdoor enthusiast!)


My services are ideal for celebrating, commemorating, or documenting  occasions and events in a special, unique, and lasting way. Examples include:

Special holidays such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

Life transitions/life reviews
Family reunions, vacations
Travel experiences 

Story Text/Manuscript

I will help you write your story as a  digital document. I also provide additional services for creating tangible final products from your digital story document, such as:

  • personal story. heirloom books
  • legacy letters/ethical wills
  • annotated cookbooks
  • or another printed form that meets your story needs.

I work with:

  • individuals
  • couples
  • family groups
  • organizations

Workshops and Presentations

I love to work with people who enjoy and benefit from the energy, insights, and information inherent in group sessions. I can provide:

  • Presentations about writing personal story, memoir, and legacy letters/ethical wills
  • Single-session workshops on personal story, memoir, and legacy letters/ethical wills
  • Series-session workshops on personal story, memoir, and legacy letters/ethical wills

“I came away with a writing piece and renewed appreciation for my love of nature, water and mountains.”

“Our family is so grateful to have this written record to share with future generations…”     

“The joy we got out of the process and the final product was amazing. The book sits front and center on our coffee table and will stay there.”