Can I purchase your services as a gift for someone?

Yes, hiring a personal historian for a story project is often done as a gift for a loved one, or to commemorate or celebrate a special event (birthday, anniversary, family reunion, Mother’s or Father’s Day), but it’s best to present the idea to the recipient if they are to be interviewed, to make sure that they are in agreement with that plan.

Can interviews be conducted remotely?

Yes. I can conduct interviews in person, by telephone, or by video-conference.

What is a legacy letter (also sometimes referred to as an ethical will)?

Legacy letters can be as brief as several paragraphs, or many pages in length.
Like a document that passes on your possessions, this is a non-legal document that expresses your values, beliefs, life lessons learned, and other important messages about your life to be passed on to others.
Legacy letters are often written from parents to children, but they can be written to, or for, anyone at any stage of life. They often explain or reinforce family story, heritage, and traditions, the beliefs and values of the writer.

A Good Fit

For all of my services, I don’t charge for an initial conversation to decide whether or not our working together is a good “fit.”

When the project is finished and I receive it is a digital document, what can I do with it?

Your final product is a digital document in print-ready format. You can enjoy it and share it with family and friends electronically, or turn it into a hard-copy product yourself or with the help of a printing vendor. If desired, I can provide book production services for an additional Production Fee.