“I didn’t think I had that much to say at first. When the legacy letter that Peggy helped me make for my daughters was all done, I was amazed at how Peggy made my words and stories come together so well to share with my girls.  It was a pleasure working with her. I always felt heard and respected while we were talking together. I enjoyed the experience very much and am very satisfied with the final product. I haven’t decided yet when I’ll present this beautiful letter to my daughters, but I might give it to them at Christmas-time.”

M., Campton, NH - Legacy Letter

“I had a great experience working with Peggy on my father’s life story.She came prepared to both listen and lead the conversation, which allowed me to just participate. Dad enjoyed talking with her, and I learned so much about his life through our conversation. Peggy then transcribed the interviews and organized all our ramblings into a coherent well-written document. She went out of her way to do an additional interview to fill in the gaps and answer questions that surfaced after reviewing the first round. Peggy understood our needs completely and her work exceeded my expectations. As agreed, i will be finishing the project by adding in photos and some additional material related to Dad’s final days, but our family is so grateful to have this written record to share with future generations. It was such a worthwhile investment of both time and money.”

J., Wentworth, NH - Life Story Manuscript

“We retained Peggy to write a story about my father, Bob, who was in his last years. She sat with Bob on four occasions and had a great rapport with him. In the end, she was able to put together much more than a story, but with photos from us, a 50+page book. The story was told in Bob’s words, with Peggy’s impressions interspersed. In the end, a very fitting tribute, something that Bob was able to enjoy and a great keepsake to remember him by.”

R., Campton, NH - Life Story Book
“Your wonderful “Write Your Story” workshop gave me the confidence I didn’t think I had to write about some memories I have of my family. I had an album with only pictures of my relatives. Now, I have stories about them that my grandchildren enjoy reading. Thank you!”
L.L. - “Write Your Story” Workshop in Plymouth, NH

“I attended a workshop on memoir led by Peggy.  She has great enthusiasm and knowledge about her subject.  Her presentation and materials were well-organized.  The format included short lecture, writing prompts and sharing our stories.

I came away with a writing piece and renewed appreciation for my love of nature, water and mountains.”

G. - New Hampton, NH

“Peggy gave an excellent presentation to our group of retired women about how to write a legacy letter, a way to share values and life lessons to future generations. She explained the purpose of leaving such a letter, the steps to writing one, and places to get resources. Peggy presents with warmth and enthusiasm while, at the same time, imparting valuable subject matter. Highly recommended!”

K. - Legacy Letter Presentation, Plymouth, NH